BattlePets: Avalar

BattlePets: Avalar 1.01

Software that is similar to the Pokemon anime game and TV show

The BattlePets: Avalar software program is an entertainment program that provides hours of fun to any user. The program displays cute creatures that you have to catch and train.

The program will require you to find a cute creature and capture them. Once you do, you have to train them to bring out their special powers or skills that they can use in battle.

After all the training that you've done on them, you can battle them out against other cute creatures within the game. The BattlePets: Avalar allows each player to capture a maximum of 5 creatures each.

The program was derived from the popular TV program where a trainer captures pocket monsters to train and develop. The BattlePets: Avalar allows different scenarios where you explore the unknown.

You may have instances where you explore caves and haunted mansions and even fight wild BattlePets before you can capture and train them. The BattlePets: Avalar has six evil tyrants that you have to fight to liberate the island of Avalar.

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BattlePets: Avalar


BattlePets: Avalar 1.01

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